Pre blog warning: If you are a English major, or grammatical errors annoy you, you might not want to read this... cause my brain is faster than my mouth, that is faster than my hands.... so my hands are trying to keep up with my mouth, which is trying to keep up with my brain...and in the end...I just throw my hands in the air.... after of course putting down my thoughts....but here is my recaps....

Panama City Beach {BikeWeek} 

Panama City Beach!


first off, it’s absolutely beautiful!  Love how great they take care of ya down There!A room with a view like this makes me wonder why I ever left there!

I love hearing the rumble of the bikes driving by......but absolutely nothing beats the roar of the crowd!

and check out that crowd! It is such an amazing feeling to be able to walk onto the stage and this crowd and these faces literally come there to watch the Show! Truly nothing gets better than that feeling!


Gotta love when your fans act like complete animals at your show.......what a cutie,   Hey don’t drink too much!


Even had a little puppy stop by my meet and greet.... love that shirt little guy! 

It was a great week, I had a blast and cant wait until the fall rally!




the show was amazing....playing for true music fans is unbelievable...even if there is a language barrier....I just improvised...with the use of rocking the stage with this talented guitar man....Mr. Andre Madatian ......pretty awesome when you can send a text and still rock the strings.....awesomei have never had to stand still on stage....heck I find it hard to stand still period! But the photographer Lucia Eppmann gave me a little hell.... she said she couldn’t get one good picture cause I kept moving, she had 4 o ut of 100 where I stood still and was in on this night, I took one song......yes a slow song and I stood completely still...(I did not like this)

Chris of course took advantage of this.....#selfieand on the last night....I finally got to jam with Renee.....always have wanted to do this....and finally it happened


I was so lucky my momma got to go to Italy with me..... this woman is the reason I am who I am....and what a hand ful I was......the good lord blessed her with so much patience to raise a child like me! first blog.....GET OUT! 


Okay so this is my first blog.....

i wanna recap my Italy trip which was amazing! First off to be invited to perform on an international country music cruise is about the biggest honor you can have......well besides female vocalist of the year...(still working on that)

so here are some pics from the cruise...true country music fans!!

even though I was the only singer to actually do Eminem in my concert, and maybe a little AC/DC but I have a southern twang so that works...right?



Italy is amazing... and I’m sure if you knew it, but I was adopted and I’m half Italian....I guess that’s where I get my mouth from!